Motor Control Restoration with the SQUARE 1™  System

by Shawn Sherman Square 1 Motor Control Restoration

Motor control restoration is based upon understanding the fundamental movement abilities that we all share.  The abilities to squat (static balance) and to walk (dynamic balance). All other movement patterns are derived from these two common denominator patterns. If either of these most basic patterns are compromised, all more highly complex movements will be negatively impacted.

The body needs to be able to move right, left, up, and down. Think of each of these four pattern phases as puzzles. Right and left each have 100 puzzle pieces and up and down each have 7 puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces are joint actions. Joint actions become functionally compromised due to stress. SQUARE 1 identifies compromised joint actions that are incapable of tolerating load and restores them back to full functionality. The result is more optimal, fundamental movement patterns. More optimal patterns leads directly to better outcomes such as improved mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance, and pain-free movement.

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