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Medical massage is a holistic solution to the standard medical industry's regiment of pain medications.  These medications only mask your symptoms and do not treat the underlying cause of your pain and lack of mobility. Surgery can sometimes be more harmful than beneficial.  Our low impact solution should be tried first.

We want to change your understanding of the human body and how it functions.  Treating the source of your symptoms is the first step to healing your body.

Medical massage is an unique blend of muscle manipulation combined with motor control restoration which produces incredible results. We can treat specific conditions such as whiplash, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, TMJ, Lower Back Pain (LBP), migraine headaches and much more.

Our restorative techniques also increase circulation and manage chronic pain and injuries.  It is best to consult with us so that we can develop a course of treatment custom tailored to your specific needs.


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Information from The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

(US Department of Health and Human Services)


  • A 2008 research review and 2011 NCCIH-funded clinical trial concluded that massage may be useful for chronic low-back pain.
  • Massage may help with chronic neck pain, a 2009 NCCIH-funded clinical trial reported.
  • Massage may help with pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee, according to a 2012 NCCIH-funded study.


A 2010 review concluded that massage therapy may help temporarily reduce pain, fatigue, and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, but the evidence is not definitive.

What the Science Says About the Safety and Side Effects of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy appears to have few risks when performed by a trained practitioner. However, massage therapists should take some precautions in people with certain health conditions.


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