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Applied Kinesiology
Massage Therapy

Are you suffering from Frozen Shoulder, Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia, Post Surgery Rehabilitation Pain, Neck and Back Injuries? Kinesiology Massage can make a big impact and is an alternative holistic pain management therapy.

Our Kinesiology Massage session will put you on the path to healing and living pain free.

Pain Managment

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Applied Kinesiology Massage

Kinesiology uses something like a roadmap of the human body to navigate around the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

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Orthopedic Massage

Therapy which is focused on treating painful conditions which affect the soft tissues of the body. Orthopedic massage focuses on problems...read more

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Medical Massage

Medical massage is a holistic solution to the standard medical industry's regiment of pain medications. These medications only mask your symptoms and do not treat the underlying cause...

We can make your pain go away.

Using medical massage therapy we remove the painful signal blocking deficits that restrict your body's movement and motor function. Our therapy creates natural pathways for healing. Understanding the physiology of pain is the first step to healing your body.

We just don't just treat the location of your pain. We treat the actual source and cause of the pain. We then develop a custom plan of treatment. Many of our clients experience great improvement after their first session.

Using pain medication to cover and mask your symptoms is not the answer.

What is Applied Kinesiology
Massage Therapy

Kinesiology massage uses something like a roadmap of the human body to navigate around the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Spectra Massage has the knowledge of how these systems function and we can provide effective, safe massage to elderly patients, professional athletes, weekend warriors, and even small children.

Ligaments tie bones together. Tendons anchor muscles to bones. Neither ligaments nor tendons can heal on their own, so kinesiology massage works on the remaining tissue group, the muscles, to provide support and relief.

Muscles either stretch or contract. Kinesiology massage takes advantage of this to provide exercise and stimulation to balance one muscle’s stretch with another’s contraction.

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Key Benefits Include

  1. Reduction in Muscle and Joint Pain
  2. Increase in Range of Motion
  3. Long Term Holistic Pain Managment

What to Expect from a Kinesiology Massage Session

New Patients - What to Expect

The Initial Appointment

  • A thorough review of your health history & concerns.
  • Assessment of your body's posture & stance.
  • A complete hands-on evaluation, and discussion of goals for treatment.
  • We then create a plan of care that is customized to your needs.
  • Thorough hands-on treatment.
  • While you receive treatment, we will explain the issue, being addressed by each technique. Your questions are always welcomed and encouraged.
  • We encourage you to dress in comfortable clothing. The best are oversized T shirts and cotton or sweat pants to allow freedom of movement.

Followup Appointments

All followup appointments include:

  • A detailed assessment of your current condition
  • Thorough hands-on treatment based on your current assessment.
  • At the conclusion of the appointment, We will make recommendations on scheduling future appointments.
  • The frequency of appointments vary based on your needs and condition.
  • Typically you are scheduled for treatment every one to two weeks until your condition improves.  Then we enter a maintenance phase during which appointments are scheduled less frequently.

Therapy That Makes Sense®

A medical massage that helps expedite healing after a surgery, increases your fitness training and helps optimize your motor control creating harmony between your nervous system, muscles and joints.

Massage therapy helps manage pain from arthritis and increases mobility. Reduce symptoms from sports and work related injuries. We can treat for chronic injuries such as tennis elbow, hip & other joint deficiencies. Lower back pain, frozen shoulders and general low mobility of your body can also be treated.

Massage therapy is a holistic approach to healing your body.  The corporate medical industry's traditional treatment prescribes pain medications to mask your symptoms. Masking your symptoms with pain medication is not healing.

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